Tender Documentation & Drawings

With the production of technical specifications and drawings being a primary cornerstone of the company, it should come as no surprise that this is an area in which we particularly excel.

Our highly skilled Building Services Engineers and dedicated CAD team are capable of producing high quality, technically and contractually robust tender documentation and drawings regardless of project size or sector.

Contractor Pre-Tender Vetting

In order to prevent project delays and ensure a successful and compliant tender process it is important to ensure the contractors invited to tender meet or exceed the necessary minimum requirements for each project.

PSA regularly carry out technical, contractual and financial checks both direct with contractors via PQQ’s and also via third party services.

Tender Process Management

From local councils to private individuals, we understand that each client’s tender process requirements and experience vary vastly, therefore we are capable of tailoring our involvement as necessary to ensure a fully compliant and successful tender process for every client.

Tender Return Technical & Financial Reviews

Regardless of price, it is essential to review the contractors submitted documents both technically and financially to ensure compliance with the specification/drawings and to identify any possible financial irregularities.

We can produce Tender Analysis Reports which detail all areas of concern/risk whilst providing a visual colour coded comparison of all tenders returned.

Contractor Interviews & Analysis

Successful projects require successful contractors and we believe that contracts should never be awarded on a price basis alone.

We regularly interview tendering contractors in order to ensure they fully understand the needs of each individual project and that best value and quality is realised for each client.