Engineering Asset Management

Due Diligence, Pre-Acquisition & Dilapidation Surveys

Procurement of plant and equipment, ‘new or existing’ needs to be understood by the purchaser to understand the implications of such investment and the likely worth and also potential cost in use and life expectancy. We can appraise existing and proposed installations to support clients in making the right investment choices.

Strategic Reports & Feasibility Studies

There are often more ways to achieve the same goal and a range of options often exist, some obvious and some less obvious. With our vast range of experience, and with a bit of lateral thinking we can provide a wide range of options and include initial capital investment cost, ongoing revenue maintenance expenditure, running costs and life expectancy.

Asset & Condition Surveys

Often clients are not sure whether to replace, upgrade or refurbish the plant and equipment they have and these decisions often come with a large capital investment. Appropriate asset and condition surveys can help in the decision making process looking at short, medium and long term investment strategies.

Site Survey, Measurement & CAD Drawing Production

Accurate site information such as plans, schematics and as-fitted drawings are vital to ensure effective management of buildings and the plant and equipment they contain. We can undertake all required services to provide detailed drawings produced on modern Computer Aided Design (CAD) software providing electronic records and hard copies if required.

Annual Capital Investment Planning, Budgets, Forecasting, Prioritisations & Programming

The replacement and upgrading of major plant and equipment needs long term accurate planning based on real time specific information on the actual services in use to aid in the financial planning of such replacements. The ability to demonstrate accurate and informed asset investment planning will underpin any financial loan arrangements associated with plant/infrastructure replacement.

Life Cycle Cost & Pay Back Period Analysis

The life cycle cost of investment in plant/equipment needs to be understood to ensure the investment is appropriate and life expectancy is factored into any depreciation costs associated with the investment. Our experienced team can produce Life Cycle Costs for projects helping clients understand the long term impact of investment choices.

Appraisal, Selection & Specification of Standardised Equipment

The correct specification of equipment is vital to ensure the long term reliability and maintenance requirements can be managed to suit the clients business needs. Working for a wide range of clients across many industries gives us a wealth of product knowledge which helps us guide clients with the right choice of specification based upon their specific needs.