Contract Management to Completion

From contractor appointment to completion, our expert engineers are available to manage all contractual elements of your building services specific project.

Our engineers have vast experience in executing the most commonly utilised contracts within the building services industry such as those produced by The Joint Contracts Tribunal (JCT) and The Institute of Engineering and Technology (IET).

Technical Support & Representation

We understand that not all clients are ‘technically minded’ and therefore appreciate you may require additional technical support and representation throughout the life of your project.

Our building services engineers regularly attend design team, pre-contract, progress and handover meetings on behalf of our clients, always with a view to securing the best possible technical and financial resolutions in line with the project brief to any issues that may arise whilst ensuring the client is fully informed at all times.

‘Design & Build’ Engineering Support

Engineering support is increasingly important when ‘Design & Build’ is your chosen method of procurement, particularly when the client is ‘non-technical’.

We have a wealth of experience of reviewing contractors building services proposals and designs, checking to ensure that they not only meet the employer’s requirements but also offer compliant, quality, efficient and maintainable solutions.

Site Supervision & Monitoring

Regular inspections are a crucial part of ensuring that works progress as per the design intent, both in terms of quality and compliance over the lifetime of a project. That is why our building services engineers not only attend site regularly at agreed intervals, but also photographically document their visits and issue corresponding site inspection reports to all appropriate parties once completed.

Witness Testing & Commissioning

Witness testing and commissioning allows us to ensure that the systems installed by the contractor are performing in line with the associated design intent.

We are commonly appointed to carry out this site based role on the majority of projects we are involved with.

Defects Inspections

Defects inspections, or ‘snagging’ as it is more commonly referred to, are essential to ensure that all minor defects are rectified prior to the handover of a project.

We employ a robust documentation procedure to ensure that once our engineers have recorded all outstanding defects, their rectification and completion can be managed and tracked helping to assist in a defects free handover.

Handover Documentation Inspections

One of the most important parts of a project, and one that regularly gets overlooked is the quality of handover documentation.

It is essential that the correct information is available in order to ensure that staff and end users can inhabit, operate and maintain a building safely, which is why we offer a comprehensive inspection service for operation and maintenance manuals and the like.