Fire Risk Assessments (FRA) Interpretation & Implementation of FRA Action Plans

FRA in England and Wales, fire safety is governed by The Regulatory Reform (fire safety) Order 2005 and in Scotland, the Fire (Scotland) Act 2005.

Under the Orders, employers have a legal duty to undertake a suitable and efficient Risk Assessment at their premises and keep under regular review.

At PSA we have the facilities and expertise to carry out a detailed assessment of the fire risk in your premises and produce a detailed report of the adequacy of any existing fire precautions and also the need for any extra fire precautions.

The assessment will be carried out by one of our BRE trained consultants who are Graduate members of the Institute of Fire Engineers. An independent assessment will be produced that is easily understandable and uniquely tailored to your premises. Before and after the assessment we will discuss in depth all the relevant points identified with the designated responsible person.

Smoke & Fire Damper Systems

To maintain true fire compartmentation in a building, any ducting traveling through a wall or floor should have a smoke / fire damper installed. We at PSA can investigate and produce a report to highlight any failings.

Smoke Ventilation & AOV Systems

All means of escape routes should be as clear from smoke as possible during and after a fire situation. Automatic smoke ventilation systems installed to EN 12101 can help achieve this. We can advise on the best methodology to use to maintain compliance for your building.


In England and Wales, sprinkler systems must be installed on residential blocks over 30m high and unaccompanied areas over 2,000 square meters to meet the current requirements of Approved Document B of the Building Regulations. We can advise and offer design solutions to your property.

Fire Alarm Systems

All but the simplest, small, single storey, open plan premises with minimal risks, require some form of electronic fire alarm and detection system.

We at PSA have a wealth of experience to design fire alarm systems to adhere to BS5839-1/ EN54 for commercial buildings and BS5839-6 for domestic dwellings.

We design electronic fire alarm systems for a multitude of clients, and including, homes of multiple occupancy, care homes, retirement villages, offices, low and high rise premises and educational premises.

PSA will design the installation and follow this through commissioning, producing a full defects audit to ensure the installed system is fully compliant both on the installation and any appropriate paperwork.

Disabled Refuge Telecoms Systems

About 99% of all new buildings provide wheelchair access to an upper floor. They also haveĀ an adequate level of escape for wheelchair users. The present guidance requires a disabled refuge on each storey landing of escape stairs. This is to allow the wheelchair user to remain in the protected refuge, which should have a means of communication to raise the alarm, without delaying other occupants.

We can design Disabled Refuge for both new and existing buildings.

L8 Legionella Risk Assessment & Water Hygiene Compliance.

At PSA we can assist you in ensuring discharge you duties under Water Hygiene/Legionella Legislation. We specialise in being an independent consultancy offering impartial advice and guidance. We do not carry out maintenance or testing work so we have no vested interest in advising such work if not required. We can manage procurement of maintenance contractors ensuring competency and value for money for the client. If the client wishes, we can manage day to day activity or simply provide independent advice or audit services.

Compliance Related Services Condition Surveys

Understanding your plant and equipment is compliant with applicable legislation is important and we can undertake compliance condition surveys and produce reports detailing current condition and any deficiencies found with recommended improvements.

Existing Site Log Books & Documentation Audits

We offer an audit service ensuring on site log books and documentation is correct and appropriate for the service provided by the nominated contractor.

Independent Post Incident Surveys

We are experienced in carrying out detailed and thorough post incident surveys where professional impartial advice and recommendations are required by the client. These could be large plant/equipment failure resulting in damage to property or interrupting business continuity.

Authorising Engineer Services

We provide independent Authorising Engineer services for a number of disciplines such as electrical, water and medical gas and ventilation providing appropriately experienced and qualified individuals to take responsibility for managing safety guidance as recommended by the Department of Health.

Lightning/Surge Protection Systems

A Lightning Protection System (LPS) protects buildings and their contents from damage caused through a lightning strike. We can inspect your building and advise on a LPS if required.

Telecare/Warden Call Systems

Warden Call Systems can help people to continue to live independently by allowing a remote Care Centre to make sure you’re safe.

The Warden Call and Telecare system is typically made up of a network of sensors that are fitted all around the home or Care Home. These sensors can be linked through a telephone line to a Call Centre.

Here at PSA we have a wealth of experience in the design of these systems ranging from single standalone domestic units to fully integrated complex system comprising of 200+ retirement apartment buildings.

There are currently no legal regulations or regulatory bodies for the installation and maintenance of these systems.

We can audit the process to ensure they are installed and commissioned to the industry recommendations.

Automatic Doors, Barriers & Gates

BSEN 16005:2012 was effective from April 2013 (replaces BS7036). This is a new risk assessment based standard stating that allowances must be made for all foreseeable misuse. For example if a large proportion of users are elderly, infirm, disabled or young, safeguards against door contact must be provided.

Manuals and log books must be provided to ensure you remain compliant, and the doors must have a current maintenance contract.

We can help the responsible person to identify any safety upgrades that may be required by carrying out condition reports on each automated door system.